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About Us

Yellow Cab Of Memphis provides essential information about transportation services throughout the metropolitan area for residents and visitors of Memphis.

Yellow Cab Of Memphis admins are among the most experienced and well-trained professionals in the field. The information we provide and the services and recommendations we offer have been verified and evaluated by experts in transportation services in Memphis.

It is the most customer-centric company in Memphis through loyal customers and a brand that stands for friendly, fair, honest and courteous service.

Yellow Cab Of Memphis is committed to implementing and monitoring a systematic approach to customer loyalty.

Name: Yellow Cab Of Memphis

Address: 581 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38126, USA

Phone: +1 901 577 7777




The history of Yellow Cab Of Memphis can be traced back to 1856, when Patterson Transfer began operating horse-drawn omnibuses between the city’s four train stations. These omnibuses transported passengers and their luggage so that they could board trains bound for other cities and towns across the United States. Patterson Transfer branched off into two distinct businesses during the course of its existence, namely Patterson Warehouses, Inc. and Yellow Cab of Memphis, both of which are active in the city of Memphis today.

Yellow Cab and its sibling firm, Checker Cab, use a computerized dispatching system that makes use of global positioning technology today. Yellow Cab was the first company in the Mid-South to implement such a system (GPS). By ensuring that the call is routed to the next available taxi, this technology ensures that a faster response time is achieved.

In addition to the additional safety features that come along with the dispatcher always knowing the location of every cab, this reduces the number of wasted miles, the amount of wasted fuel, and the amount of air pollution. If the customer’s pick-up and drop-off addresses are entered correctly into this system, our customer care personnel are able to provide an exact estimate of the taxi cost for any customer. Additionally, the system enables drivers to call the customer and provide them with the most up-to-date estimated time of arrival.

The organization is continually developing new technologies to improve how it serves customers. We were the first firm in Memphis to offer taxis that were accessible to people using wheelchairs when we started offering them in 2009. Yellow Cab and Checker Cab are able to provide wheelchair transportation at taxicab rates because they have the vehicles necessary to do so. This represents a significant cost savings in comparison to other options for wheelchair transportation.





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